Ceramics Art and Perception: Hong-Ling Wee

As I have perused the issue of Ceramics Art and Perception we were given at the start of the semester, I keep bouncing back to the review of Hong-Ling Wee’s show, Soft Lines, Hard Edges.  This work is an installation of 30 clay houses, arranged precisely on some of the most satisfyingly constructed shelves I have ever seen.  But shelves aside, I was struck my the almost birch bark appearance of the house details, which upon my first glance many weeks ago, I discovered are actually delicately carved and incised windows and doors, glimpses into the interior home-life of one of the most exquisite villages I have seen. These subtle details balanced against the bold coloring of the roofs, and the stark black of the shelves, create an environment that feels very rooted and solid at the same time as there is a magical sense ethereal storytelling.  I wish I could find a good photo with sharing permission that shows the shelves and overall display, but this one captures the essence of what the photos in the article portray:


Photo courtesy of Pinterest

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