Spring 2016: Awkward Maijolica and Slab Boxing Experiments

As part of our Materials and Processes sections, we were charged with exploring Maijolica techniques and slabbing.

My slab box turned out pretty well, finished with Evolutionary Scrap glaze.


The Maijolica experiment didn’t go quite as well. I got a little to excited with painterly brush strokes and line making and forgot to do outlines and fill in the shapes. So any shapes that I put on top of the color fields got eaten up by the copper underlay. So, there will be further experimentation in the future, and I will keep my color swatches under control. These bowls are about 6 inches across, press-molded out of red earthenware with sand.


These larger bowls worked better, though the blue still ate the linework. These bowls are about 15 inches across and 5 inches deep. Wheel thrown red earthenware with sand, grog, and perlite.