Learning how to post during the day…

So, here I am after months, having not posted in ages. This is because I found a much healthier and sensible way to fire the kilns, specifically, not overnight. But this means I am not awake in the wee hours so much, and that strange sense of invincibility and safety in vulnerability doesn’t exist in the same way for me during the day, so I haven’t posted. And that’s too bad, ’cause lots has happened! There have been two shows up in Wichita (I just now finished taking them down, sorry) and partially completed two large commissions, which are very exciting. Actually, there is still quite a lot of stuff at Artworks in Picadilly Square in Wichita, if you want to go look. I understand that it will be back on display for Final Friday this month. So go do that, please, and buy lots!! If I can get my pictures to upload I’ll be posting pictures ASAP. So, I’m going to try to keep up with this and overcome that lack of insulation that darkness provides, and post more during the day.

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