Spring 2017: Existential Loneliness and Art as a Shout into the Void

This first semester of Thesis, I began digging into references for art and storytelling being basically inseparable, and rooted deeply in the recollection and expression of experiences that tie us to each other. In essence art is an effort to mark our existence and share our common anchors. Perhaps the people who began painting in the caves of Lascaux were just beginning to be aware of common experiences and noted them on the walls for others to recognize. My last art history paper delves in more deeply, but for now I will share three of the more successful pieces of work. 

Existential Loneliness is the inner sense of loneliness or emptiness that cannot be filled or eased by human connections. Often, the feeling can actually be accentuated by large groups of people. 

This work began based off of sonar and deep sea scans, inspired by the legend of The Loneliest Whale. 


It’s worth a read. The sweep of worldwide empathy for this odd whale gives hope to the odd ones among us, that there’s a place for us. 

These forms reminded members of my cohort of radar and the blips of large objects on the screen. This paralleled the idea of sonar- the reach into the void for contact and connection. 

Most times, road trips, time alone, and space to dig deep with friends assuages some of my own sense of loneliness. Watching radar and experiencing the smallness of my self on the land while driving is one of the most fulfilling things I have done that brings me peace and contentment in front of the massiveness of the universe. 

2 thoughts on “Spring 2017: Existential Loneliness and Art as a Shout into the Void

    • These will be in my thesis show in January 2018 at Fort Hays State University. Then they will be either at Hesston College, Reuben Saunders Gallery in Wichita, and my house. I’ll keep you posted!

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