Summer 2016- Installation: Simulacra or Enchantment

The most recent project for this summer’s class was a filled space, not site specific, Simulacra or Enchantment installation. I worked with the Simulacra idea, a different space within our normal environment. An Enchantment involves changing your normal environment to present an idea. In any case, though, these pieces differ from the Castle Rock day, in that they can be picked up and moved to any place and remain the same. They are not dependent upon their location to be effective.

I used the Crucibles again, they are proving quite versatile, and I love getting to know each of them better as the weeks go on. Each of them has dimples and curves that are different from the others.

In order to lend context to the idea of Crucible- a ceramic or metal container in which metals or other materials may be melted- a place or situation in which elements interact to produce something new- I used text on a canvas drop cloth to portray the above paraphrase from Merriam-Webster.


While the end results seem somewhat PotteryBarn-ish, I learned a ton about display elements, how to welcome an audience to experience your work in a non-traditional way, the pitfalls of psychological boundaries (the edge of fabric is an effective wall to interaction), and how to make intent clear without being blatant. Clean and clear tagging is important.

Next week is a Personal installation in which I will work on a small version of my current thesis proposal. Keep your eyes peeled!


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