Fall Semester 2015: African Ceramics- Lawson Oyekan, Olmec Ceramics- animal totems

I consider my life experience to be the subject for my work, the creation source of the form of my work: “anything that doesn’t kill you”— for example, a period of ignominious suffering/boredom—“makes you stronger,” or helps you to see clearer. – Lawson Oyekan

The simple forms and earthy textures of Lawson Oyekan’s work certainly embody this philosophy.  There is a certain uplifting and soothing spirit and “African-ness” to these forms, echoing ancient textures and patterns on storage urns and water jars, as well as fluid form and sheer “roundness”.

Lawson Oyekan

Playing off of this form and texture, I have made several round rattle forms to be Raku fired this semester. (photos to come)

Also, using this round form, but drawing from some of the Olmec research, the idea of animal totems- and the fact that yet again in the midst a stressful time, a small owl showed up on my backyard table, and watched me work in my yard- led to this small pit fired owl.

12088413_10153028806727373_3990604115926641389_n 12107263_10153028806702373_923226253944940102_n

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