Fall 2015: First Personal Series- Carved Clay, Painted, and Stained Leather Bound Books

This series of books are based upon friendships that have remained with me since college, lodged within my psyche.




The above story depicts one of the two hardest breakups of my college experience.




The second story relates a secret compartment of feelings that I never shared.




This final story is based upon how I came to major in Ceramics, and bittersweetness.

These pieces are the most aesthetically articulate and detail oriented that have been achieved thus far in this Grad School experience.  The words of the story are written in small text along the edges of the pages to be a treat to the viewer who chooses to look closely enough.  While the images are the cornerstone and main point, the text is there to add context and deepen the story if there is interest.

Combining mixed media has been an answer to so many difficulties.  Using black and white paint on top of stains and layers of spray paint to accentuate the deeply carved lines and shapes of the images.

Each page is backed with leather, both to protect the image when in storage or being shipped, but also to form a shadow image of the opposite page to bring out the echoes of memory.  The protective outer casing of each book ties around the outside with cotton cord and doubles as a display mat.

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