cura te ipsum

June 2015 was kind of a hellacious month. A friend and an acquaintance were taken violently from this earth, work was stressful, and it seemed impossible to see beyond it.  I was struggling to see the point, and not much made the point seem worth it.  But I knew July would be full of a Ceramics and Mixed Media class at FHSU, and I was looking forward to that.  I decided that I would use the class and what I learned there to heal from the heartbreak and stress.  So, as a Tribute to June 2015: Cura Te Ipsum (heal yourself).



Anchors. Maps from places I’ve lived, press-molded painted and flocked clay elements in a clay box, flocked and painted steel elements. The nuts and bolts that anchor us to place. 8x8x4. 2015.


Face. Clay, acrylic paint, tool dip, barbed wire, flocking, wood. Caught by old ideas, bleeding for new ones. 15x12x7. 2015.


Spill. Found ceramic elements, epoxy, spray paint, acrylic paint, wood. Narrative of falling, breaking, mending. 38x11x3. 2015.













Tribute to June 2015: Tanya Tandoc and Glenda Taylor.  Book made of clay, wood, rope, nuts and bolts, acrylic paint, decoupage, flocking, wire, stains, and underglaze. 15x12x9. 2015.



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