Spring 2015: Contemporary Chinese Ceramics- Xu Qun

XuQun (photo from Linda Ganstrom slide show)

Xu Qun is a professor of ceramics at China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China.  I am particularly drawn to her very smooth, elegant forms and simple, clean glazing.  In her artist’s statement she names utility and “simplicity and serenity” as paramount ideas within her work, building connections to “the very nature of being human”.

These ideas of getting to the root of things are fascinating to me, especially in that she uses functional ware to do this, where I am telling stories.  I love that leap into function as the unifying factor and use as the goal.  Perhaps this combined effect of simplicity and functional utility, as well as building connections, can become more prominent in my work.  In any case, the smooth purity of the clay and crisp coolness of the Celadon glaze, in conjunction with such graceful forms, give my mind a sense of stillness that I can deeply appreciate.

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