Spring 2015: Contemporary Chinese Ceramics- Yanze Jiang

Yanze Jiang is a ceramic artist based at Nanjing Arts Institute.  She uses porcelain slabs and traditional pottery techniques and glazes to make “abstract or conceptual works”. (Ceramics Today)


The graceful lines of her abstract landscape-esque works, paired with the chill of her celadon glazes, create a visual environment that is both eerie and pure.  Having experimented a bit with celadons this semester, I covet the crispness of her glaze, likely due to her glaze being used on porcelain as opposed to my stoneware (given other mineral content).

Also, after venturing into repetition of form a bit this semester, her piece “Teapots on Parade” is deeply satisfying.  That the curves of each teapot echo each other so precisely, and they stand at attention before the “lead teapot” is a great balance of refinement and humor.


Lastly, this set of inversely matched cups is an inspiration for my future tea sets.  This level of precision and balance is a stretch for me, so this set substantially raises the bar on what I hope to do.


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