Spring 2015: Contemporary Chinese Ceramics- Jin Zhenhua


According to Jin Zhenhua’s statement online, her work captures and celebrates the rhythms and beauty of nature.  She specifically uses the word “fleeting” to describe this beauty and rhythm, and this fits her aesthetic well.  From her studio in Jigdezhen, she creates some of the most graceful and fluid work I have ever seen.  I would love to see these pieces in person and follow the lines and curves all the way around.  In the work shown above, the interaction of light and shadow around and between the folds and curves of the clay create such a sense of purity and life, and also that “fleeting” element, a tenderness permeating the strength of the lines and forms.  This is a powerful combination of ideas to me- the powerful and ephemeral sides of the world.

(Image: Jin Zhenhua- Imperishable Vitality. ceramicsannual.org)

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