Spring 2015: Series 3- Short Film Storyboard Wall Plates

During this semester in my drawing class, I chose to do a 13 panel storyboard/graphic novel of a short film idea that I have carried around in my head for years.  I have since made a series of zines from those images, which led to the idea of doing a clay storyboard/novel/zine piece.  This set is a somewhat simplified version of the narrative from my drawings, so a hand-bound zine of the drawing series will be displayed with the set to add depth to the storyline (photos of the images and zines are forthcoming).

FB_IMG_1430600175913 FB_IMG_1430600181624 FB_IMG_1430600189128 FB_IMG_1430600195254 FB_IMG_1430600200590 FB_IMG_1430600221419 FB_IMG_1430600228120 FB_IMG_1430600233764 FB_IMG_1430600240597

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