Spring 2015: Series 2- a book of cups in tea tray chapters


For Series 2, I based a series of cups upon moments in life that contain a mix of emotions. These particular moments were drawn from experiences drawing upon Trust, Love, Disillusionment, Joy, and Ambivalence.  The cups are meant to be gathered into themed chapters in the tea trays, and can be interpreted by the viewer as to which chapter they belong in.  Chapters are titled “Just Once”, “Are your current successes worth the price I paid?”, “Only an unsettling rhythm can explain this.”, “You froze me.”, “Public… Private…”, “There are no words for this.”, and “I would marry you”.  Each of these chapters can be a positive or a negative, or ambivalent, depending upon which cups are placed in the trays, changing and inverting the stories into an open book for my stories to become the viewers’ stories.  These cups are glazed with Light Green Celadon and Iron Oxide stain, and images and text are carved and stamped into the cup body.  The trays are glazed with a layer of Iron Oxide stain, then Winokur Yellow overlaid with Light Green Celadon, and stamped with text.

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