Spring 2015: Materials and Processes- Teapot and Solid Formed piece

As part of the experimental portion of this semester, we are all making teapots and a solid formed and hollowed piece.

Since I am also working with memory and storytelling elements, I chose to revive a teapot theme that has popped up repeatedly over the years- the Snork teapot.  This is based upon my favorite cartoon as a kid, watching on our tiny black and white television.  I had no idea that Snorks were different colors until years later, and somehow I always imagined them as a kind of marigold yellow.  So, assuming I can find an approximation of marigold yellow glaze, that is my plan for glazing.  Snorks were a somewhat kinder version of Smurfs, and they were always helping each other and the heroes always won.  Plus they lived underwater and had fantastic Snork snouts on top of their heads, which is where the flared spout, lid, and handle come from.

This piece was completed with Winokur Yellow and Light Green Celedon glaze, both to connect to Snork coloring and connect to the tea trays of my second series (post to follow).

10996464_10152581821637373_3998571047126924572_n FB_IMG_1430600431895

My solid formed piece is a portrait of my dearest cat, Karma, who is a delightful and frustrating mix of extremely tenderhearted and wickedly violent.  Given that it has been cold for quite some time now, and she has been trapped inside, the violence has peaked recently, but been intertwined with some of the kindest and snuggliest moments as well.  When I was sick a week or so ago she was very attentive and sweet, and refrained from going too Clockwork Orange on anything for a day or two. So, I chose to try to capture her sweetness, and how she rolls up in the most perfect ball behind my knees when she decides to go to sleep at night, especially on colder nights when the house cools off.  She has completely ruined my heart.  This piece is finished with Winokur Yellow glaze.

11018598_10152603090852373_2660936609338131794_n FB_IMG_1430600449488

During the last firing of the semester I finally was able to finish the Chinese glaze tests that have been waiting for a couple of weeks.  I chose a pair of glazes from each section in order to compare and contrast the materials in the glazes.  I will add these notes over the course the coming week.  To start, though, the glazes came from (counter clockwise, starting at the top left) Ding 1 & 2, Longquan 1 & 2, Yue 1 & 2, Yingquing 1 & 2, and Dequing Black 1 & 2.


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