Spring 2015: Memory

Memory is one of the most compelling themes for art that I can think of.  There are so many individual angles to memories, different for each person who has the “same” experience.  Scientifically, as synapses rebuild and form new connections, our memories can change and form deeper trails through out psyche, or fade into nothing as we re-examine what we’ve seen and done.

These changes that evolve in memories as we cycle them through our storytelling kind of haunt me.  I really value accuracy and honesty, so knowing that even by telling the stories I share I change what I remember and how I’ll tell it next time.  The stories that I am trying to share, the memories, are things that I have racked up in little storage units in my head, and there are plenty that I’ve pulled out of their little boxes and then lost.  That makes me sad.  But I keep hoping that as I pull up and release these memories in permanent form, that maybe these lost pieces will pop back up from the synapse connections they got lost in.

The human mind and the human experience are the most fascinating things to me, and if there was a way to collect and compile and represent the special stories that define every one of us, I would like to do exactly that.

10410618_10155365790490294_1628925045659415773_n  My sister punched you out in the snow.

11013484_10152597731077373_3099047787655212566_n  We mostly sang in vowels all day.

11021104_10152597628307373_6246158669684152431_n You said some things I almost believed.

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