Fall 2014 second and third series.

Cubbies2 Cubbies3

This piece is a press molded head meant to contain all the sundry bits and pieces in my head.  There are a couple of things, like I might have built the hinge differently and I might have made ears, but on the whole this piece is exactly what I was after.  These press molded pieces were a huge change for me, and I learned a lot about what I do and don’t like about how I work.

The second piece from this series, I made a self-portrait with features how I imagine myself.  The interesting thing about this is that by the end of making the features from my imagination, I found I missed my own features very badly.  This in and of itself was worth every bit of this series.


The third series from this semester is about celebrations.  I started with the day I received my first radio, on my ninth birthday.  That is one of the biggest events in my whole life, and from there I traced a brief series of songs and the events over the last 27 years that are tied to those songs, or vice versa.  The tiles are bound together with leather strips in an accordion style book, with narrative on one side and images on the other, with a couple of sidebars.  This piece is one of my favorites in a long time.  Working with a longer format story was incredibly difficult, and there are plenty of new things to try in future projects, relative to telling more narrative with images, using text as enhancement, and finding the best word and images to tell the crux of the stories.  This is super exciting!



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