Ceramics Art and Perception: Linda Christianson

In response to the article on Linda Christianson’s pottery in Ceramics Art and Perception, Issue 92, August 2013, by Robert Silberman:

I have to admit, I always start reading about artists (in any media) having spent time looking at the images of their work, and I am often swept up in sheer glee by their forms and decorations, only to have my joy dashed upon the rocks of some personality trait or prideful remark. This, however, is not the case with Linda Christianson’s work.  I have been drawn to her forms for quite some time, but had not read specifically about her until this article. The forms of her small ewers and mugs shown in this article almost make me want to giggle uncontrollably. Strange, but true- it’s something about the proportions. According to Silberman’s observations in this article, Christianson views her work not as sculpture or art, but more “like engaging tools than anything else.”  He also notes that sense of humor infuses her work ethic, which leads me to believe my response is, perhaps, not unwelcome.

The proportions of this little mug, with its low handle and squat precision, plus stripes, is the essence of what I love about Christianson’s work.


The same stripe motif on this ewer, along with the lid and handle, are also delightful.


I hope I encounter her pottery in person some day and can choose a piece for myself.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest


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