Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Top Ten Narrative Tile Makers

Ceri White lives and works in Dunning, Perthshire, Scotland, and uses earthenware tiles with press molded additions to create whimsical architectural scenes she calls Ivory Towers (there are other domestic and nature scenes as well, but I am most drawn to the architecture). There is a lightness of spirit in her work that draws me in, and I hope I connect to that brighter element as time goes by with my work.   The simplicity of her images is also inspiring to me in the search for image vocabulary.  Also as a contrast to my heavy carving, the delicate lines of the images is something I keep thinking about.

CeriWhitefrlongtowerlime CeriWhiteIvoryTowers CeriWhitesmtowaq










Angela Walford works mainly with Shino glazes on functional ware, but has these beautiful printed and glazed tiles.  She lives and works in Southern Australia.  These images interest me as I plan to work with screen printing (and other methods of printing) images onto tiles in the future. I love the textures and rough edges and simple color use.

shino-ang-walford-feb-2014-29-150x150 shino-ang-walford-feb-2014-31-150x150






Angelo Mazzoleni is Italian, and this is the only image of his clay work that I can find.  He appears to work mostly in mixed media.  There is a rustic simplicity to his aesthetic I really like, and in this particular piece, the variation of texture is delicious.




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