And now, upon finding a typeset, it is difficult to sleep, because I want to make ALL THE THINGS!

IMG_0005In a fortuitous trip to explore antique stores, I picked up a full typeset!  It has a couple of different fonts mixed together, but it has everything I could want for text, even semicolons!


So, these are the first two pieces to come from that find.  I am much happier with the amount of text I am able to get onto a tile, and how the text is crisper, yet still has a slightly uneven feel, retaining a kind of immediate feel, clearly spelled out one letter at a time, and laid out to encompass the images.  I’m also super excited to be getting into more specific and beloved stories, especially these two of “friends”.  I’ll keep adding more photos in this post as I complete more tiles.

I am also working more specifically with a “block print” style aesthetic in this series.  So far I am very happy with the textures and shapes coming out of this.  I hope the results of glazing turn out to fit this plan.  I’d like the glazing to retain the carved look and emphasize the texture and lines.

Teaser for folks who know me: red corduroys, Charlie Brown thermos, and carrots vs Cheetos will be upcoming!  Also, please, if you know of stories I’ve told, please remind me of them.  I have a sketchbook full of image references, but I know I’m forgetting some.

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