Encounters with the dark side…

So, it came to my attention on April 19 that someone had copied content from my website and posted it on their own site without asking and without attributing. Their site appears to be a site comprised mainly of other people’s content. Aside from the appalling lack of creativity on their part, it appears to be a site publicizing some wackadoo financing book… Um, independent artist = financing? So, whatever. The point is, that as I was trying to figure out what to do with this, I contacted WordPress, who I incorrectly thought was the host of this fake site. They aren’t and were very clear about their position on that, but they sent me links about Web Plagiarization and how to make a report to the actual host of the infringing website. So I have. I feel pretty bold right now. Props to WordPress for being amazing and supportive, even about things that aren’t their problem at all. Thank you, guys!

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