Kiln Firings. AKA nothing much to say, except this is an interesting change to me…

This may or may not be interesting. But, as this semester has rolled on, I’ve been doing many more overnight firings, and many fewer all-day-on-Sunday firings. It seemed like a terrible plan at first, but has proved quite useful. I can often spend at least Sunday afternoon working at home or catching up on other work, rather than spening all day tending the kiln.

And the over-night time is interesting. It’s very dark, as you might have noticed. But it’s also full of creatures running round, and various student antics that are both entertaining and heartwrenching. And I’ve managed to scare a few pretty badly, popping out from the kiln shed. Sorry, guys.

So, as it’s Monday, and I’m staring down the barrel of two weekends in a row with Saturday all-nighters involved… Huh. I have no idea what I’m doing. Stocking up on sleep? But it’ll probably be pretty fun. Last time I made a bunch of cups and bowls. This time I should really mix like 2000lbs of clay and get to work on some tiles. Good times. (That would also hark back to the olden days when I spent lots of time mixing lots of clay. My back can attest to this. That post-clay-mixing feeling is the perfect combo of invincible power and utterly broken.) Roar.

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