Comments and the act of vulnerability…

I got my first ever blog comments.  (Thanks, Toby and Beth!)  This is bizarre and exciting.

Also, I’m about to embark on the big commission I confirmed in January.  God, this is something.  And also vulnerable.  But what I’ve been thinking about is: Why do I feel so much more vulnerable and shy putting the written word online, than I do in putting what is really a very close representation of my core self, out in the world, permanently, in clay?  Why is one un-nerving and the other exhilarating?

Also, I picked up this little wheel yesterday.  Super excited about this.  This summer will be the season of garage set-up, complete with kiln, wheel, and pug mill.  Though I will have to wait to get power and gas.  But, heck, yeah!  It’s like arranging furniture.  Good times!


Also, blessings to NewtonFreecycle, I picked up this corrugated tin a few weeks ago, so that someday I can build my kiln shed in the back yard.  Let’s all keep track of how long that will take!  But it’s here, just waiting for me.

3 thoughts on “Comments and the act of vulnerability…

  1. You’re welcome 🙂 Another nice post. Interesting thing about comments on blogs, and blogs in general . . . I searched out a blog the other day that I don’t remember ever reading, but I read the blog that the writer did previously (confused?). Anyway, I was reading an old post and the comments and saw a comment made by “Beth”. I thought, hmm interesting, but it didn’t sound like what I would say. Then I clicked on it and . . . it was me. It was a number of years ago. Interesting!
    Exciting things happening in your kiln/studio building! Congrats on the commission!

  2. Hanna, I’ve enjoyed perusing around your website/blog. You are constantly seeking what will come next in your life, be it something wonderful or a much needed hiatus. I look forward to your next post.

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