so, sometimes it’s hard to work

… and sometimes it’s easy.  Lately it’s been easy to make things I’m really happy with, which is a double edged sword- it’s easy, therefor doesn’t take long, so I book myself too tight to work at all.  Then when I have open time, I’m tired and have a hard time making myself go to the studio.  The good side is, though, that if I do go, at least what I make is almost always something I’m proud of.  The times that doesn’t work that way can be so demoralizing.  I like to think about that as incubating time, even though it’s frustrating.  I think back to college when my professors would talk about ‘waiting for the muse to strike’ and how to deal with that.  They had no truck with the muse.  Basically, the whole point was to show up and work, and if the muse did, too, then great.  But if you weren’t working and the muse showed up, then you were out of luck on all counts.  So even if what you made was crap, at least you were still making something and getting the bugs out for the big thing.  Sometimes that big thing comes unexpectedly, and blows you out of the water.  I have a pending project that I suspect will do this to me, though I hope to at least be logistically prepared for it.  We’ll find out, come January.

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